Le Westin Montréal
270 Rue St. Antoine Ouest,
Montreal, QC H2Y 0A3, Canada
Tel: 514-380-3333


Montréal is home to a unique and diverse cultural wealth, heritage, history and combination of Old World charm and North American verve.

Whether your itinerary includes a jazz club, outdoor performances, a world class culinary experience, street-side food trucks, Montréal views, exploring the underground network or soaking up culture through art, in this city, there really is something unforgettable for everyone.


Montreal has a semi-continental climate with severe winters and a humid summer, so September is said to be the most pleasant time to visit. Temperatures in September dip back to much more comfortable numbers ranging from 20.6ºC / 69ºF - 9ºC / 48ºF and very little rain is expected. As the end of the summer season approaches, average September temperatures range from 20.6ºC (69ºF) - 9ºC (48ºF) and very little rain is expected.

The autumn foliage is one of Canada's most beautiful natural attractions, with the mild weather and long days of sunshine, many outdoor activities can be enjoyed.