Local Attractions

Festivals and Events

Whether you're looking for an outdoor jazz show, dance performance, poutine festival, gourmet dining experience, gastronomy, outdoor sports, or theatre, Montréal truly has a festival for everything. September is the perfect time to gather outdoors and soak up the culture of locals and other visitors alike.
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Experiences and Activities

Spend an afternoon relaxing at the spa, challenge taking a cooking, skating or golfing class, visit the EcoMuseum Zoo, library or amusement park, shop, rock climb or dare to zip-line. During your travels of Montréal, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning, experiencing or simply enjoying some down time. There are so many options to choose from. See more information here.

Food Favourites

Great food is embedded into the lifestyle of Montréal locals, you can't go wrong with eateries ranging from 5-star dining experiences from around the world, casual eats and entertainment or authentic street-side food trucks.

Experiment with flavors by filling your shopping basket and stomach with fresh and local produce from farmers and artisans at the market.

Architectural and Heritage Amazes

Montreál is heavily influenced by fascinating history and heritage hundreds of years old yet also has a young energy and influence breathing and vibrant light into the heart of the city. The two very different architectural characteristics, makes for a very visually interesting and stimulating city where getting lost in a cobblestone street or stumbling across outdoor art installations are sightseeing adventures in themselves. Other notable architectural sights include Grande Bibliothèque (or Great Library),  Verdun Metro Station, Frothingham & Workman Warehouse Building, Michael-Cuddihy House, Habitat 67, Le Riguad. See more here.

Montréal Arts, Museums and Culture Musts

History, culture and the arts are strong components of Montreál's identity! Carefully curated and long standing permanents art and museum exhibitions are 'musts'on your travel itinerary. At every turn in Montréal, you will find a cultural centre, art gallery, installation, museum or theater, to immerse your senses in the work of up and coming artists or view inspiring world renowned pieces.


Take home some unique goodies made and sold in Montéal. Streetwear, haute couture, jewelry and home decor, vintage clothing and antiques are just a few examples of what this diverse city inspires.
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Get to know the more of the city through the eyes of a local, dive into the history, culture and hidden gems in Montréal. Montréal offers tours to suit all interests and budgets including bike, walking, mysterious and historical, scooter, rooftop, foodie and even microbrewery tours. See more information here